wouldn't you get mad?

@lorelai (1558)
January 15, 2008 4:21am CST
I am really mad today I live in a building owned by 1 person who lives in 1 flat and rents the rest of the flats to different people. Above my apartment there there's this fellow (he is not the landlord, just some guy who rented one of the apartments) who had a really good internet connection and he was sharing it with few more flats including mine. Most of the flats had wired connections and were connected to him by cable...but not me. I was so close to him that he was perfectly able to send me internet trough wireless.The connection was really great always very good or excellent and some 100Mbps so I was able to download things very fast. Just few days ago my landlord had informed me that the guy was moving away from our building and that now he (the landlord) applied for the internet connection and that now I will have to get connected to his computer buy a cable. I saw nothing wrong about it...till today when he actually came with the cable and connected my computer to the internet.What a delusion, 10Mbps, is that possible!!! I really can't believe that! I mean, is he crazy or something?!! He is sharing internet with 2 more people at least and we all pay him extra for that connection and he got the worst one possible. I know that he doesn't use internet often and when he does he never downloads stuff nor do anything for what he would need a fast connection but he can't expect people to do what he does. He doesn't know much about computers and I really wish he asked around before he got the connection. I am soooooooooooo mad!!!
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