clix-online is a scam

January 15, 2008 9:20am CST
Hi guys, clix-online was just launched about 2 weeks ago and together with few myLotters (special mention to carebears and kashifmahmood), we tested out the site, hoping that it will be like one of those reputable PTC sites like dailyclicks and buxto. Unfortunately, when I tried to log into the site, the site appears to be suspended. I think the site has been suspended for quite a while now. I could have known it earlier, if not for my little vacation. Guess it is really hard to find a good, reputable and tristworthy PTC/PTR sites now, since there are so many of those popping out like mushroom. Well, I have updated my profile page to remove clix-online from my list. No scam site deserved to be promoted. for your information..
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