Anthony Zacharra

Screencap taken by me on Jan. 14 of GH's AZ - picture of 'crazy' Anthony Zacharra' who is not that crazy, actually talking to Jason from his prison hospital bed.
@Liasonfan (1702)
January 15, 2008 11:50am CST
How about that 'huge anvil' he dropped yesterday, when he said to Jason'any kid of yours would have a bullseye for a birthmark'? So the question, is how long until he (and the rest of Port Charles) find out about Jake? Oh come on, you know he will---this is a soap opera! And I am not so sure he doesn't know already, the way he was 'baiting' Jason about kids. 'Crazy like a fox', huh? I think AZ knows eactly what he is doing and saying. Maybe not quite as crazy as they are making him out to be, hmmm? Going on and on about moving his foot to Johnny and then Jason, but not actually moving it. Can he actually DO more than he is saying and showing to them? You betchya! It won't be long until he back terrorizing again...and oh, by the way, I don't believe for a second, that he actually killed anyone the night of the ball at Wyndemere. Nor did Johnny. There is another even crazier killer out there somewhere! Anyone else here think that Anthony and Helena Cassadine would make a dynamic and deadly duo????
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