how to start a blog on Mylot?

@newfette (340)
January 15, 2008 2:29pm CST
Hello, I was wondering if it was complicated to start a blog on Mylot. I read the FAQ and it says you need to link it to your blog website or something? I am new to the blogging, so just wondering what to write about and hoping to get some tips or tricks. Thanks for your help. I will vote for best response in 7 days. Take er easy and happy posting!
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16 Jan 08
You need to start a blog on a hosting site. like blogster, then you use the feed to link up with mylot.. it's fairly easy, i'm about to like up my blog when I get it going. ~Joey
@newfette (340)
• Canada
19 Jan 08
I have blogs written in Yuwie...I don't know if that can be linked though...I should go have a look at the blog stuff and just see what the deal is and what I have to do to link them. Or maybe I should join a blogging site? Is blogster your favorite? sounds like a good discussion to start! =)