@Arkadus (899)
January 15, 2008 4:50pm CST
Been watching a bunch of this and was kind of curious. See the show has two pilot episodes. One Columbo is played by a very well groomed Columbo, and he's very Italian looking and sounding. The next one has the one we all know and love. Messy haired, rumpled clothes, he even sounds different. I thought maybe when the show was originally pitched they couldn't decide which they liked better and so presented both of them? Seems to me like a plausible case, but I'll admit to liking the disheveled version a lot better than their slicked up one. It's a great show as you see a lot of people you recognize now. Steven Spielberg directed at least one episode. Leslie Nielsen was in one of the episodes I just saw, odd seeing him in a serious role, but oddly enough he still had grey hair back then. :D
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