Paulo Coelho is a great witer!!! He's my favorite..

January 16, 2008 2:58am CST
Oh I just love to read.. I do read.. and read a lot!!! Well, after reading Paulo Coelho's By The River Piedra I sat Down and Wept, I realized a lot of things... As if everything from my past came back to me so suddenly... My childhood memories.. yes everything.. my first crushes.. and having been an elementary and highschool graduate from a Catholic School, I've felt how lucky I was to have been in that school. Paulo Coelho's book is a summarized book of God's Word!!!! Read one of his works and I assure you that you'll be wanting to read them all!!
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1 Feb 08
I'd be interested to read that, I also went to Catholic schools and I read an awful lot! However, I tried to read 'Zahir' and couldn't get past the first couple of chapters. Have you read that one? If so, what were your thoughts on it and do you think that it was better or not as good as 'By The River Piedra'?
1 Feb 08
oh hello jude... gee, thanks for the response. oh, "By The River Piedra.." was the first novel I've read by Paulo Coelho... then, "The Alchemist", the book I have always been craving to read since I got to college was my second... oh I how I love them both... unfortunately, I wasn't able to read Paulo's "The Zahir" yet.... I would be very glad to tell you about my opinion as soon as i've read it... my friend's got a copy of that book but she lent it to someone... oh, by the way, have you read "The Alchemist"?... It was so awesome.. superb... One of the best books I've ever read... It really was so inspiring.... I also had a lot of realizations then.... about my life... and if I'm really taking the right path to pursue my Personal Legend... It was such a great book... It's one of a kind... haha.. oh 'til next time... God bless you.. take care..