why can't i have you? a poem i made...

January 16, 2008 9:04am CST
here's something i did several years back...what do you think of it? thanks! :-) I love you so much That it pains me to know I can't have you now. We both know the reason, But the waiting is agonizing. Sometimes, I just wanna drown my sorrows with work But sometimes, it doesn't work. All day long, I think of you My heart pines for you. My love, when will this waiting end. My heart is getting crushed. My future dangles before me like a faint wisp of spider web. My love, how I yearn for you. Each passing day, there's no missing, that I think of the day when we can be finally wed and live together in married bliss.
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16 Jan 08
That's a really good poem! You should publish it on Associated Content. You can't get up front payments for poems but, you get paid for page views. I have a poem on Associated content and it's made more money than the articles I have written.