which gdget cant you do without?

@BYOLA2871 (4373)
South Africa
January 16, 2008 9:25am CST
i use quite a number gadgets in my home such as xbox360,some good samsung slim home theater that does a number of programming,gps in my automobile,mobile phone etc,they are all usefulbut the one i cant do without is my mobile phone and my computer which have become my office in recent times.The computer acts as the home office while my phone acts as the mobile office on the move it helps keep my contacts,check my mails and sometimes i do send fax and do some browsing on it,it also act as my camera nopw since i lost my digital camera,i dont go anywhere without it even in the bathroom its become a companion,its also my fun box i play ganes on it to ease off pressure.did i tell you which phone it is?ok it is sony erricssonT650i.its small size fits my pocket like a skin.Which gadget do you have that you cant do without?
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@mandar_g (59)
• India
20 Jan 08
I think i cant live without my laptop because i cant do my work without it and cant earn money for living
@BYOLA2871 (4373)
• South Africa
25 Jan 08
thats my man i never find myself leaving my phone alone and also my personal computer.they are both gadgets i can never let go of
@piatos03 (396)
• Philippines
17 Jan 08
At the very top of my list would have to be my mobile phone. I never leave the house without it. It has several different functions. Most obvious of which is that it is my number one form of communication. I like being in contact with my friends at all times. We'd spend most of the time text messaging when we're away from each other. Telling stories and gossiping about certain stuff. It's also how I find lost family members, especially when we take trips to the mall together and separate. Another function of my mobile phone would have to be that it's a boredom reliever. I've downloaded tons of games and songs on it so that whenever I feel bored, I can either just play the games or get my headphones and sleep to the tunes. Also, I installed an ebook reader on it. And it keeps me organized at all times. I've found that it's so much better than pdas. Those are a whole lot heavier. Plus, this one has a really cool camera. And since I love to take pictures of wherever I go all day. My other must have gadget is my laptop. Cos at the end of the day that's where I mostly end up. I'd spend most of my weekends just surfing the net all day. My friends would sometimes scold me cos I don't go out to clubs with them that much anymore since I got my laptop. But I really like it. I can learn a lot from it.
• United States
17 Jan 08
I have my desktop at home and a Zune digital media player. Thats really all I need until I get a cellphone. I have a few game systems at home but I could easily live without those.