Is there anyone using WiMax broadband connection ..........?

@farazkh1 (1157)
January 16, 2008 12:07pm CST
Presently i am using Lan cable internet but the connectivity is reliable it disconnects often and the speed goes down, sometimes... so i am tired of making complaints every day .... Now a company named wateen telecom which is new in Pakistan has offered us 802.16e WiMAX at the best rates and services for telephony and broadband internet together on the same device ,but the problem is the company is new and the prices of there subsciption are high because of its device ...... so i need advices of people specially those living in USA and other countries who are already using the same service which i am going to get ...... thanks ........
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@chunter (1761)
• Singapore
17 Jan 08
WiMax is still fairly new and many countries are still on trial with it. I think USA and Korea are the only ones using WiMax now.. But as its not available at where I'm from, I can't tell you anything about it
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