Crazy Dog Lady On Dr.Phil Chew Her Dog's Food

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January 16, 2008 12:44pm CST
Dr. Phil had a guest on his show who is so obsessed with her pet chihuahua, Pieboy, that she actually chew up his food for him. She chews up fast food burgers for him, which isn't TOO bad. BUT, she also chews up his dog biscuits for him! She is afraid that if she doesn't he might choke to death. They also share a bed unless, however, Pieboy needs to "stretch out" in which case she will retire to the floor. Go to to view the video. Do you know anyone who is this obsessed with their pet? Would you do these things for your pet? Watch the video and pay attention to the man. He is supposedly her boyfriend. Watch, and tell me he's not gay. I mean, yeah, yeah, I know stereotyping is bad. But, come on! He's totally a 'mo!
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6 Jul 11
I was her ROOMMATE at the tome! yes I AM a, as you so ignorantly put it "MO" and damn proud of it!! I have NEVER been ashamed or in denial about my sexuality! YOU are the one that should be ashamed!!