Just Where Does All That Glop Come From?--Talking About Boggers With a Cold

United States
@pyewacket (43925)
January 16, 2008 9:09pm CST
This should be right up a lot of MyLotters alley here since in the past few weeks so many of us have had some "bug" in them...either a cold, flu, whatever. Well, despite all my fairly healthy eating, all those vitamins I take, yes, I've succumbed to having a nasty cold. Yesterday I woke up with the sore throat from hell, felt feverish, and just wanted to crawl back into bed again and forget the day, but didn't...being the restless person I am. I just don't feel comfortable taking it easy and sometimes feel better keeping myself as active as possible. Well today I naturally didn't feel any better but wanted to get out of the house to get some cough syrup, and cough drops, and picked up some good old fashioned Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup...yes, I do make homemade soups, but there's just something about Campbell's I like better..maybe all that salt..hehe?? Well I'm sitting her sneezing like crazy, my mind is brain-drained and foggy and can't concentrate well...ah, but my question is...just where does all that glob come from? I'm talking about all that congestion crap..I'm blowing my nose like crazy and it seems the uh, well, snots never ends. Does anyone have any "philosophical" theories about this..how about that famous bear here..does HE have any deep thoughts about this? Oh..by the way...any good old remedies for colds, flu, whatever????