drinking coffee ,wheather is good ot bad

January 17, 2008 12:18am CST
I'm get used to have a cup of coffee every morning,sometimes,anoher one during the work break in the afternoon,my father is a doctor,he told my not to drink this much,is not good for my health,and,he said ,he found a report that said,caffein is one of the readson to couse the mammary cancer,so,i feel very confused.....and I'm a lit bit fat,so ,my mon said my coffee do something to that too..... I think I need a right saying about drinking coffee......... what's your opinion?please tell me....
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@freakym (16)
• India
17 Jan 08
hi christine ur father is right. having coffee causes many sleeping disorders.though is may provide some antioxidents, it is not good 4 health. if u drink regularly, u get addicted, and ur performence is not ne way enchanced by it.
@ferritic (83)
• Philippines
17 Jan 08
Hi Christinehuang, I am also a coffee lover and can down several cups a day. My roots comes from a place where the norm is 7 cups a day and the average lifespan is 80 years old, My Auntie right now is 83 years old. If coffee is bad for the health then, that is not the case for the people in our place. I will tell you what I know regarding coffee. 1) Coffee is a diuretic drink, 3 to 4 cups helps to regulate your urinary system thus a lesser probability of cancer but you need to replace the water loss due to coffee, 2 cups for every cup of coffee in order not to dehydrate your body. 2) Coffee per se is antioxidant and can help against aging but sugar and creame nil the effect of coffee, so drink your coffee black. 3) Different coffee has different characteristics, robusta (used in instant coffee) have less caffein than Arabica or Liberica but more acidic than the two therefore if you drinking too must robusta, it may acidify your blood and eventually thicken your blood. 4) Sprite and 7-Up has more caffein than a cup of coffee. 5) Brew coffee becomes stale after 3 hrs of brewing. Drinking stale coffee is bad for your health due to the toxins present, so always drink freshly prepared coffee brew. 6) The water to be used in brewing must be 100 Degress Centigrade in order to bring out the aroma of coffee. In high altitudes, where the atmospheric pressure is low and where water boils only at 97 Degress Centigrade, the taste of coffee is not good. 7)It is healthier to drink brewed than instant coffee. Instant coffee goes through the process of leaching and leaching agents and acids be a part of the finished product. 8) Coffee will not make you fat but the sugar and cream and other flavors are the culprit for the fat. Coffee alone has no calories. 9) if you are brewing your own coffee, the green beans stored in a dry storage will last up to 2 yrs. Roasted beans up to 6 months, ground roasted beans up to 7 days. You should only ground enough coffee to be consumed in 7 days or molds start to grow in the ground roasted beans. These molds have toxins that could make you vomit or have a loose bowel movement. To prolong coffee life, put in a brown bag, then bag in a zip-lock, then put inside your freezer, thise will prolong the life up to 10 days. 10) Always rely on good brands, use unheard brands with caution. Always look at the expiration date. Expired coffee already have toxins. 11) Stop drinking sugar free coffee, aspertime is a derivative from crude oil and cause cancer, if you are reducing your sugar go sugarless not sugar free. Hope these insights will give you some information. Yours truly, Ferritic