what is your opinion about prizze club?

January 17, 2008 3:09am CST
what is your opinion about prizze club?
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@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
30 May 08
Well, it's great that you have all your earnings and all your free games doubled. That makes four times the earning you could get outside Prizee Club. Also, the fact that you don't drop back at level 1 when you fail to finish a level is very good - that's how you get to finish more games. The Prizee Club Shop, where you pay with diamonds is a good idea, because you get the gift on the spot, but it is very difficult to get the diamonds, as The Poem Tree is a hard game Overall, I believe Prizee Club has its advantages, but not enough to pay for it. I joined the Club by using 6 MaxPacks that I bought using only virtual money earned here and on other sites, so I don't feel like actually paying from my pocket. Another minus for the club is that you don't get games for the MaxPacks you use to get inside the Club, and they don't count for the Loyalty Card
@olivemai (4738)
• United States
11 Feb 08
I have never heard of it until now! I will check it out!
@Gizzmo86 (147)
• Netherlands
11 Feb 08
I like the games and the fact that you can earn bubz for free present but I dont like the waiting time for a present. I have like 60 bubz but not received any present yet :( The prizee club is a funny idea but then you have to pay for it and i want a free present. Maybe i just try it to get my first present.
@tipik93 (89)
• Czech Republic
10 Feb 08
IMHO is Prizee Club Terrible, bcs they only need money from people. nd I see small star *
@tigrashadow (1086)
• Australia
19 Jan 08
i like prizee.com for the short little games they have. perfect for filling in time between doing things. i dont pay for a membership upgrade though. i play more for the games than the points....and if i happen to get something from them...thats great. if not then ive lost nothing anyway