How many times have you seen Alkaline trio?

January 17, 2008 2:28pm CST
I've only seen them once (unless dreams count, heh.) But it was at Warped last year and I was shocked that the crowd was so small... anyways...since there is an ALkaline Trio interest, there must be some mylottin' alkaline trio fans, where are you?
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18 Jan 08
I went to a gig/concert when they were the main band when i was a teenager. I only went once to see them. I went with my cousin to see them. I can't remember loads about the night, but i do remember that it was fun and it was at Nottinghams Rock city. I don't ever go there anymore, but i now have our son to look after and we have another baby due in a few months. I use to be a fan of the band, but now i hardly listen to the two albums i have by them. I still like them abit, but no where near as much as i did when i was a teenager. ~Joeys wife