Hey dads, ever wanted to be pregnant?

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January 17, 2008 4:33pm CST
http://www.parenting.com/parenting/pregnancy/article/0,19840,733950,00.html?topic=11960 I always told my ex wife that if I could, I would love to experience what it would be like to be pregnant. After reading this, I'm glad I'm a man!
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22 Jan 08
There is no way any man could ever know what its like without just being in our shoes. No pregnancy suit will ever give the true experience. I know this time my third pregnancy has been harsh. I have been sick nearly non stop. I live in Atlanta area. And, dealing with the traffic and being sick. FUN! :) I was caught several times and could not move so I was sick in my car in a bag in the middle of rush hour not moving. It was the worst. That and just being incredibly dizzy non stop. Not to mention weight gain and the pains that brings as well. Somehow.. I have always managed to work and take care of my kids and be sick :) Women are more feminine yes but somehow we are strong more often than not.
@AICIRT81 (847)
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18 Jan 08
I read that link and it was great. I do have to say that the belly suit dad did have it easy. when i was pregnant with my son, I had an hour commute to work. I often had to stop not once but twice to use the bathroom. Once I pulled into gas station, and there was someone in the ladies room so I used the mens. When I came out there was a guy waiting to get in. Man did I get a weird look. Also the suit only added 33 lbs, many woman, including me gain more. (its gone now, but I put on 55 lbs while pregnant). Also it doesnt mess with your hormones. I bet the guy in the belly suit didnt cry one day because somebody took his parting spot. :0) Happy Happy joy Joy. Or for that matter puke everything, he tried to do the dishes. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, There nothing more rewarding than holding your new born baby for the first time and knowing that you gave a person life.
@danzer (2732)
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17 Jan 08
Yeah, we're glad we're created men. But comes with this the responsibility of providing for our family. And I mean family - father, mother, and children.