Energy Healing?

January 18, 2008 12:09am CST
Am interested in learning about energy healing. I don't know alot about it. I know it involves using the energy from your body to help others. But are there different forms of energy healing, and if so how does one decide which is the best form to learn. Maybe one is easier to learn than another?
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28 Jan 08
i don't know the names for the different forms of energy healing but as far as it goes to healing others i know you have to have a deep spiritual and physical bond with that person and you of course have to know about human anatomy.But other than that i was told it depends on how well developed u are at controlling your Chakra points and the flow of your energy. oh and what the other person said about not expecting drastic measures that also depends on your skill and power as a healer.
@asunnys (30)
• United States
20 Jan 08
The easiest for of energy healing to learn is Chakra balancing. There are numerous book on the subject and you can pick it up on your own. The hardest (in my opinion) is Reiki - mainly because there are so few good practitioners out there and you just can't learn it from a book. With any form of Energy Healing, don't expect drastic results. It is a very subtle and inexact science.