A Lone Gunman?

Anderson, Indiana
January 18, 2008 1:09am CST
(Please comment on the following editorial I wrote) A young couple was looking forward to getting married soon--in fact, they had already made a down-payment on their home. Now, they won’t be getting married and living in that home, because the husband-to-be didn’t survive a senseless, random act of violence. A lone gunman--eighteen years old--had been on a hunting trip with some relatives. Something taking place at that hunting trip had upset him, so he had decided to stand on an overpass bridge and do target practice aimed at the cars and other vehicles traveling below him. His being upset, unfortunately, hadn’t interfered with his ability to aim and fire. He was a lone gunman--but, in my opinion, he had accomplices. While he had been in school, he had endured taunting and bullying over the size of his body day in and day out. For some reason, the teachers saw no need to ever intervene. Why was it that they had no clue that, too often, individuals who have to endure so much become walking time bombs with the potential to "go postal" when one too many straws are placed upon the camel’’s back? How many tragedies of this sort must take place before they finally wake up and smell the coffee? These students--along with their nod-and-wink teachers--might not have pulled the trigger on the bridge that day with those tragic results, but they were, in my opinion, accomplices.
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