Are You Shy?

@densky12 (164)
January 18, 2008 6:17am CST
A lot of people are shy. shyness is the feeling of apprehension or lack of confidence experienced in regard to social association with others. I'm one of those shy people. I lack confidence. According to a quiz, i'm 44% shy. Although I live a pretty normal life, I tend to be a fairly shy person. Many situations make me feel uncomfortable, and I sometimes find my shyness hindering my life. How about you? Are you shy?
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@Sissygrl (10915)
• Canada
18 Jan 08
I am a very shy person. Not so shy online, but shy in person, and VERY shy if i have to stand up and talk in front of more than one person i turn a few shades of red and start to sweat, and shake, and feel as if i'm going to DIE of embarrasment! I had to stand up in school often to give speeches and stuff, and omg it didnt get any better no matter how many times i stood up. I guess if it was the same people over and overa gain it would be better. cause i'd get to know the people. But it was always different people!
@densky12 (164)
• France
19 Jan 08
i'm also like that when it comes to stage. i lack of confidence. but if i'm together with my classmates and friends i'm no longer shy anymore. i'm only shy if i'm alone.