military life

United States
January 18, 2008 8:32am CST
yea military life kind of sucks im married to a navy man and this will be his first time away from the kids since they were born..well not the very first time since we didn't see him for two months once but this will be his first major deployment since we got married which totally sucks...i think the good thing about the whole situation so far is that we bought a house before he went to his duty station and that's about 3 hours away from where he is...and weve only visited him on the weekends and such since september when he reported to his command...i think this geared us up for his big deployment coming up pretty soon...especially my daughter she really misses her daddy but she knows that after awhile (days or weeks) he gets to come home and we get to see him for a few days..except this time he will be gone for 6 months or 7 months depending on if they pass this exam or not i guess my question is what do i send in a care package (what items are allowed or not allowed) and how do i keep my daughter (2 year old) and my son (1 year old in march) busy? i also have a feeling that im expecting but i cant tell until a couple more weeks..
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