i ate and swallowed my pride

@fianne (1059)
United States
January 18, 2008 10:27am CST
i already had no money before in my nursing 2nd year college. i talked to my parents but since they have no work and my dad is sick, they have no one to run to because all they can ask is for help for my father's treatment. both of my parents lost their job. i really wanted to graduate in nursing course so i really wanted to continue my studies. but there is only one person that i can run to for help that time, my grandma. i don't like my grandma (father side) because she always counts money she gives to us as DEBTS needed to be paid. i don't know why is she like that. but since i have no one to run to, i ate and swallowed my pride to talk to her and tell her that i need help. well, she told me this, ok but you will need to pay me back the money with interest when you work as a nurse. so i said ok. actually, i was hoping she would, oh i am sorry to hear that, ok i will help you but make good in your studies and others. but she did not. i even did not hear any advices from her. also, all money i spend should have receipts even i pay fare during travel and she needs to have contact number too. that was ok for me but it was too much too. i am ok now, my boyfriend helps me with my studies because he is a nurse too, i am on my 3rd year nursing college now too. do you have the same situation as mine? do you have anything to share in which you ned to swallow your pride?
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• Kuwait
20 Jan 08
yes, my grand anutie is the one who brought up to my father and he play the mother and everything for him,, but when it comes to money,,,she is notorous,, you cannot take or have money for her without reciept and interest and in the news in our place that we need money and she helps us,,, its ok,,,but no one will care for her aside us,,she kinda rude..
@fianne (1059)
• United States
21 Jan 08
hi annettenasser... yes, like you, it was known here in our place that she is helping us because we really need her help and that she is the only one who canreally run to, which is true. but the thing is, when there are things she does not like to us, she makes it to a point that she throws to us the things she is doing for us so we need to follow her orders everytime.