A Few info regardin with my work

January 19, 2008 4:50am CST
As 2007 opens, I have my job that I've been wanting for to be a Encoder or Computer Assistant. I worked as a Computer Assistant for almost 5 months, I really enjoy my work, but there are times that i feel bored, for maybe the reason is that same routine. But i try to think positive to stay happy with my work. In order not feel bored at my work.. The best thing I've learned is that my knowledge about computer is added to what I know way back in my high school day. Unfortunately, I have to leave my work, now my reason is that my salary ain't fit anymore to my personal necessities. Its really hard for me to accept the fact that the work that I'm wanting is to say goodbye now. Or should i say for the mean time. My Boss offered me an increase to my salary. Sad to say, I already say yes to other company for my new work wherein I'm answering calls from local establishment such as Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, and etc. I talk calls and logged them and in return i give reference number, to the person whose render their problem, We may not avoid making some few trouble shooting for them. 10/6 where i handle phone calls, Im getting to like it,but not all the time i like it. There are times that i receive calls from a irrate customer and we have to pamper them. It's good that i have some background on how to empathize irrate calls such as this, But the bottom lines is my ears get hurts sometimes, hehehe
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