will the sterling rise back again??

January 19, 2008 5:26am CST
the pound has fallen again after reaching a 26 years record high of 2.1162 on november 9, caused of america's subprime mortgage crisis, that made all of financial around the world, become unstable. Poundsterling become a king for a month, and U.S Federal Reserve( the Fed) has cut off the rate three times, 4.25 percent, and suddenly the giant has awake again on 5 december, at 2.0055 to 2.0280, in one day, what the hell is that...it's becaused U.S had a news,that unemployeed rate, has good point, and make dollar growing highly..until now..GBP = 1.9593, and keep going down..may be by the fibonaci analysist has completely touch down to 1.8619.. As a newbie player, on GBP against USD..i wish , the golden age of Sterling will be back rightly..maybe when U.S trooper will attack Iran, the only nuclear test country that not obey the U.S ruled, which also had the most powerfull nuclear weapon..damn!!, so i wish the FED will be fall again, and it could make me rich again..
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