January 19, 2008 7:40am CST
personally, i often get at LEAST 3 responses to most of my discussions. On average i get about 10 responses, which i think is pretty good. Wanna know the SECRET to getting more responses and having better, worthwhile discussions on mylot ? Here are a few tips i've collated for you to all enjoy: 1. make the MAIN words of your discussion topic in CAPITAL LETTERS to CATCH people's attention. 2. as soon as someone responds to ur discussion, try to respond to them as QUICKLY as possible to ensure that ur discussion is kept in the recent discussions (more viewers) and to conversate with the person for longer as well. 3. add the people that respond to ur discussions as a friend. this will help you A LOT as ur friends can click on the "discussions my friends started" link which will lead them to YOUR discussions 4. add PICTURES to ur discussions. i admit i RARELY do this as it uses a bit of extra time and im still getting used to it but i believe this really helps with catching people's attention 5. most importantly have ORIGINAL / interesting / maybe humourous discussions because people often enjoy these rather than the same old "what's your favourite colour?" Lastly have fun !!! I hope these simple tips will help you not only get more responses to your discussions, encourage you to make better discussions but also help you EARN MORE MONEY here on mylot ! Have a great day =)
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@pterion (419)
• India
19 Jan 08
i thought capital letters signified urgency n' like people yelling at you...the picture idea wont work,its too small to catch attention...of course the adding friend option might prove effective...waiting for your
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@johndur (3049)
• Pasig, Philippines
21 Jan 08
if you really wanted to have more responses in your discussions,try to think of a more original topic,of course friends make a lot of help,uploading pictures that is related to your discussions is good to attraction attention,putting more realated tags to your discussions makes better responses in your discussions
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• Australia
22 Jan 08
oh yeah thanks for adding more tips ! =) i'll remember to always add more tags next time ! =)
• India
19 Jan 08
hi marian! i have started many discussions uptil now and honestly saying my average rate of getting response per discussion is also around 3. i dont know why i get so much low responses in the discussions i have started although my discussions are on good topics. discussions that my freinds start gets many reponses as compered to mine. i dont know why! but thnks for your tips. i will surely try them all and hope responses in the discussions started by me also increases......