the ups and downs of work

January 19, 2008 8:04am CST
hi guys....its a new revelation about my work...i work in a pawnshop...thats absolutely stress free work for most people think...but isnt as alwasy as like that...or men never really get contented.Its a manifistation or our humaness.. the ups in work...well most of pawnshop wa\orks are ups...compensation wise..its fair enough for the work...less work of course...but it isnt that way as always...i've been so inspired with my work the past few weeks...we get along well with my officemates...and thats very important to stay hap[py in work or else quit... after one day...a boss..who is so envy at me...just get mad...that made my work so challenging....imagine..a subordinate as simple as me...that a boss was jealous off..hahhaa...all of us feels that a complement for each other though...consolation for us against the boss...anyways,,,,hope it clickks ur mind
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@Sissygrl (10915)
• Canada
19 Jan 08
I wou ldnt think that workig in a pawn shop would be stress free at all. I have been in a pawn shop around here a few times when people have come in and tried to sell things, and they didn't like the price the worker quoted them on it and they start to harrass and yell at the guy to the point where the guy had the phone in his hand ready to call the cops cause the guy wouldnt take the price or get out of the store! I can imagine that is pretty stressfull! I wouldnt want to be in that guys shoes taht is for sure! What is your boss jealous of ?
20 Jan 08
thanks!!you reminded of of my past experience...i absolutely agree on you..but on..i also end up on calling the cops for that silly customer...but it happened once and i guess...things get all the supports of the company like in my case so its nothing really stressfull...its more stressfull when you cant figure out which is which for which on your boss its applicable on these and not on boss is jealous wasnt like a jealous thing....its like our way of coping up when gets memorandum..hahaha....that we get those memorandum coz our boss is jealous life we tend to find exits that are best on our sides..right?
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