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baby phat - kitty cat from the baby phat
United States
January 19, 2008 9:51am CST
how many people out there like baby phat clothing, or phat farm for guys?i currently wear baby phat glasses and have had the hardest time finding baby phat clothing for big girls. i really like this company and would like to have more baby phat clothing. does this company cater to big girls?am i jus not looking in the correct place. i can only find some on line at, i want to be ablto try it on and take it home same day. i dont know where to find it. can any one help me? where can i find baby phat for big girls other than on line?help me!
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@ckciasigurl (1570)
• Vienna, Austria
22 Apr 11
hi seriously im in love in baby phat i like clothes shoes belts top jeans that all brands are baby phat but the sad is my country doesn't supply baby phat so i browse via net and look for a site u found also the im happy because most of all i like to buy the saddest part is they don't ship in my country so i look again then i saw in ebay there are already there just type the brands and it will show up. yesterday i saw a shoes a baby phat then luckily i won the bid u can visit there,there are also PLUS SIZE there all DESCRIPTION are acurate and the sellers there are good.
• United States
24 Jun 09
i shop at ross for them they have all kinds of sizes idk it its the same in all states. I do think that company should get more closets for norma size ppl insted of size 0 they would make more money if they do that.
• United States
17 Feb 08
good point ! im not a big girl, i guess you can say im medium sized. you can go to marschalls , the mall , or ross all good places to find big sizes. internet is also a good place , but you said other than internet. hope this helps. -brittney.
19 Jan 08
well i suppose it depends on where you live -- ebay is your best bet as it is an american company so if you don't live over there, i don't think you can buy their stuff in shops. i agree with you though, i love their stuff and it's hard to get anywhere! oh -- try TK Maxx, i found a couple of tops in there which were babyphat once..