War against terrorism

Saudi Arabia
January 19, 2008 11:30am CST
Nowadays war against terrorism has been popular and become stronger than ever before. A majority of the people say the war against terrorism goes success while some others say the terrorism itself is growing aloing with the war. Who could be true? We have to deeply think about the origine and source of the terrorism and the way it's becoming popular. As everybody knows USA is the forefront leader in the war against terrorism and the USA itself is the goal to be attacked by the so called terrorists. Nobody can forget 11th September. Really this was the reason or say provocation for USA to war against terrorism...?
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@threeo (3)
• Indonesia
23 Jan 08
I agree about war against terorism. but What's this mean?? Who is the terorist? I thought war itself is the true terorism whoever behind it, because everyone, every countries, and every nations always have their own reason an definitions about terorism. Everyone or nations to attacked and occupied by others will judge the subject nations are terorist, e.g : U.S with their 11th Sept (911), Iraqi to US troopers/Goverment and on contrary US to iraq goverment, Lebanon or Israel and on contrary. Both of them gave their judgement terorist to each others. So, What's wrong?? War is wrong. All we have UN (United Nations), use its oportunities and its diplomations ways. I agree if all nations or countries around the world completely eliminate their exixting weapons. No weapons - No wars. Thanks any way
• Saudi Arabia
24 Jan 08
Terrorism is still to be defined. This is not only applicable for some certain countries or nations. Each and every country or nation is addressing terrorism everybody says to get together against terrorism. How can we say the war itself is true terrorism. The way of war or the hidden indention of some wars might be the cause to increase terrorism. So, we cannot justify the terrorists. Extremism can be said to be same as terrorism. But the religious findamentalism canno be said to cause extremism or terrorism. I don't agree it. At the same time manipulated thoughts (either in religious or spiritual level) often cause to create atmosphere to have terrorism and illiterature in religious concepts and knoledge definites encourage terrorists. This is why a religion is always critisised and blamed when defining war against terrorism. It underlines there is real terrorism to be defended and prevended by the religious scholars first and to be defeated by the common people. Welcoming your comments