What you think of your country?

January 19, 2008 12:10pm CST
Talk a litle bit of your country, ask what you think of the policy, economy, which a tourist can see in their country. Also talk about what you do not like in you country among many other things.
2 responses
• Philippines
20 Jan 08
i am proud to say I AM A PILIPINO!!! but i really don't like the politics in my country, Philippines. but the touris spots, specially the beaches, white sand or not, it's a beauty. the mountain views as well are all beautiful. i am proud to say that my country is blessed with its natural resources. what i hate is our government lets the other countries take advantage of that.
• Niger
19 Jan 08
To tell you what come right now from my heart as I read your Question,I can just answer that my country in the best place to live in the world as home is always home. But to talk about my country for tourists I can say that we have some great places one have to visit when traveling to Niger.On the river side of the tour you could not miss a pottery village called BOUBON and it's market.Not far to niamey you could not niss too the last Giraffes I mean living in their area in KOURE it's a village.On the north side of the country we have one of nicest desert on the planet,the TENERRE:unfortunately there is war now on this part on my country and it's the worstest news of my country.I pray God will help us solve this problem. Anyway welcome to mylot and hope you'll have great time staying here.You can earn a little extra of money by participating in discussions.To participate you have just to respond to discussions in you interest and starting discussions by posting question.Every time somebody respond to your discussion you earn a little sum and every respond you post on any discussion you gain too.Try your best to post respond related to the discussion you are responding to and respect other opinion it's a key here of success.Find more informations in the faq section down this page. Good luck,may God bless you.