What did you think of Wes Anderson's "Darjeeling Limited" ?

United States
January 19, 2008 3:40pm CST
Wes Anderson's "Darjeeling Limited" is filled with offbeat humor and a sufficient doze of melancholic drama. I believe that most confuse this film as being a straight comedy, rather than the comedicdrama that it is. Looking at it from a somewhat serious manner, it very much delivers in its emotional as well as humorous proportions. This film is basically about a threesome of brothers, that endeavor on a spiritual journey into India. In this trip they end up facing their parental, as well as sibling issues. It is warm in its message, and connects fully when it comes to the topic of family. The downside is that when compared to Andersons's previous films, the cinematography does not POP like the others do. It has more of a rustic look, that sort of clashes with the bazaar humor it holds. Also, in certain portions the pacing and editing seems a bit off. Yet, in the conclusion of this film.. you find its direction, and its versatile cast to be strong in charm and humor, which enable you to easily bypass the minimal amount of foul aspects in it. So what did you personally, think of Wes Anderson's "Darjeeling Limited" ?
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@erikdell (99)
• United States
14 Jul 08
I loved the film! It wasn't quite as good as Life Aquatic but it was darn good. I saw it in the theater. I have to admit he is one of my all-time favorite directors.