Sisterly Love

United States
January 20, 2008 12:39am CST
What is your thought on sibling rivalry? The way i see it agruing and fighting with your siblings actually strngthen your relationship. I say this b/c when me and my sister was younger we would always fight, but once we had a poblem with someone else we would be @ each others rescue. I guess we understood the line between sibling rivalry and pure hate for each other. Many ppl may not agree with me, but me and my sister fighting actually made our relationship stronger as the years went by. She's now 19 and im 17 and we're irreplaceable. I'm not a parent, but a little advice for the parents out there; it's ok for your children to agrue with each other as long as they don't take it to far.
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@danzer (2732)
• Philippines
20 Jan 08
Sibling rivalry is natural in many families that are large with 2 or more kids. Yours is not an exception. But now that you're already older, I know you don't quarrel as much as you do when you were kids. Have a nice day!