Do you share your private life with others online?

United States
January 20, 2008 3:34am CST
I notice that some people give out a lot of private informations about themselves and family members online and are not worry at all what might you do that or know someone who does this? Do you think that that is wise to do or you the ones that think it's too scary and should keep private informations private?
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@Ohara_1983 (4120)
• Kuwait
20 Jan 08
if my personal life have story but not be posted in the internet, maybe just a celebration, you need advice to your internet friend like her in mylot yes i do. to take more opinion to them what i will do & when i will react to the situation at list i have and idea from friend & my own. of course you will choose the better nt just to pick the first suggestion try to check with others too.
@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
20 Jan 08
I give out a lot of information about my history, but I don't really give my name until I know someone very well. Same with my phone number and address... I have to really trust someone before I give those things out. I do post pictures pretty freely, though, and the town I live in is on my profile at most places I go. *shrugs* If someone were to go through enough effort, they could probably find me, but... The way I see it, I exercise almost as much care online as offline. I don't give my information to just anyone, whether it's online or offline. I don't live my life in fear either, though. Sure, if someone were going to come all the way up her to northern Michigan, they could probably figure out where I work from my posts, come find me, whatever. But I'm not going to let myself not become attached to people or make online friends because of that possibility, just as I don't choose not to have friends offline because of the fear they could harm me. It's the same thing to me. And, honestly, I've come to far more harm from people I met offline than online. I've been nearly killed several times by people in my offline life, whereas the worst I've gotten from an online friend was an unexpected visit that was inconvenient and annoying... but not dangerous. Which is why I say I'm slightly more careful offline, because of my own personal experience.
@Sissygrl (10915)
• Canada
20 Jan 08
I tend to tell stories and stuff online, but if i use my discression about what i say, and sometimes leave some things out so that its not offensive. I think when i'm writting about the person, If i came across this post and i was them, would they be offended. and if not then i post, if i think they would be offended, then i will revise it, or tell a different story ;)
@lucy67 (819)
• China
20 Jan 08
i also find many people like to do such a thing but i will never do that even when i am sure nothing will happen. if my private information is online, i will have the feeling of being naked with strangers around. that's so terrible. i can't understand why those people are so brave.