Destiny, destine and preordained. Can you change your fate ?

January 20, 2008 5:28am CST
Hi all, I used to work in Malawi, it is in africa. It is a very poor country with one out of four people are HIV sufferer. One day, my driver ask me about the consept on destiny. If my destiny has been preordained, that i am to be poor and sick why would i work so hard to find money. I should just sit and do nothing because my fate has been writen, how ever hard i work it will not change my fate. He also asked me the consept on fate and changing destiny. At that time I have no answer. How would you know your preordained destiny and How would you know that you've change your destiny ? I came from a poor family, I studied and work hard but I still don't consider myself as being rich. Say that one fatefull day i found 10 million dollars and became rich. Would you say that I changed my fate or is it just my destiny to found that money and become rich ?
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• Cambodia
20 Jan 08
Imagine you are living in a computer game. You're playing your life with the impression that you are free but you are not from the "outside" world: but you will never have access to it so you don't know your destiny though it may exist but what's difference does it make ?
@adnanezzi (243)
• India
20 Jan 08
hi there first i would like u to define destiny. i believe your destiny is your own deeds turning back on you. sometimes u feel u work hard and u dont earn as u wish but in reality god is a great leveller. working hard is not enough sincerity is the thing thats count. if ur sincere and dedacitating in ur efforts one day u will reap the benefits. as for ur answer that if u found 10 million and become rich your previous deeds made u destined to earn that
@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
20 Jan 08
I think life is a journey through good a bad times. I don't think you can change your fate but life can be full of surprises. A person does not choose which country he or she is born in. But as they get their personality and intelligence can change their life. Like they can study and get a good career. Other people are less driven and settle for a family life. The career man may be stressed living in busy New York but the poor family in Malawi might be quite happy. Movers and shakers know what they want and usually get it, 3% of people. They are highly successful and lucky in life. Plodders don't know what they want, 17% 0f people. Most of us are steady workers, we know what we want some of the time. Fate could be winning a million dollars or falling over and breaking a leg. It is good that people don't know their what will happen to them in the future. In life people should take care and be happy.