how to improve oral ENGLISH?

January 20, 2008 6:45am CST
I study English,but I cannot talk with people in English accurately and frequently.Sometimes I cannot follow them,cause their expression are strange(native) to me.So how to improve my oral Enlish?Please halp me.
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
20 Jan 08
Hello cookie, I think the best thing for you to do is maybe join up with other people from your country maybe on messenger as well as being in here, I think Mylot is a great place to learn English but oral you would have to actually talk to people I guess, there are a few people in here from China wanting to learn English, maybe you could all help one another...
@pikeshpd (182)
• India
29 Jan 08
Hi cookie! I hope you know you know english very well but you are week in oral. Let look how it possible to improve such type of problems. I too before some times faced such type of problem but right now i feel comfortable. I think you have a need for confidence. when you will become confidencial then I am sure you will be a good speaker. But here is question from it will come.Just simple you have to talk much more with yr friends, family groups, siniour, junior,kith & kin, anybody when every you get chance to speak some think don't fear that you are speaking right or wrong. After speaking much and more you feel comfortable. No I too could speak english very well. But if you want to get accuracy then you should care about yr grammetically & always try to listen how the other people speak. And do one thing more watch any interview or conference which is conduct in enlgish and go with english newspaper. I hope after doing all of the thing you will be a fluent speaker. Good luck all the best !
@mer2001 (90)
• Philippines
29 Jan 08
As my teacher in english said before, "if you think in english, you can speak in english", just keep on practicing and one day you'll be surprise how well you are. And check out the sites mentioned above. thanx brianroxas, me and cookie can learn many things in those sites.
• Niger
20 Jan 08
hello my friend,for me English is easiest language to understand and I'm a 100% fan of it.I'm from a french speaking country and when I discover English I just tell myself wow what have I miss during all those years I didn't speak it.Before If I receive a letter from friends I just use the dictionary to translate the letter word by word and some words to understand the letter.But thanks God now with internet I just decide to surf English only sites and try my best to speak it as much as possible with anybody I meet in the street that is from an English speaking country.So me my success is that I've love the language first maybe it's why I see it easy,but I'll advise you to practice it every day as possible with people you know that can speak it with you. Anyway welcome to mylot and hope you'll have great time staying can earn a little extra of money by participating in discussions.To participate you have just to respond to discussions of your interest and starting discussions by posting questions.Every time somebody respond to your discussions you earn a little sum and every respond you post on any discussions,you gain too.Try your best to post respond related to the discussion you are responding to,respond as much as possible to new user discussions to give them courage to stay on the forum and respect others opinions,it's a key here to success.Find more informations in the faq section down this page. Good luck,may God bless you.
@lucgeta (925)
• France
20 Jan 08
Movies, that's right go to the movies in English and listen to what they say. It improves your listening and then your speaking, all to natural. Of course you can engage in courses and buy tapes to practice home. - it feels strange for me.