do you watch movies on internet?

January 20, 2008 7:17am CST
I do watch movies on internet. I don't think it's illegal. I love watching movies. Not only because they're new but because you can save money by not going to cinemas. Some of them doesn't work. It doesn't matter anyway they are for free. I just wait for new movies to come on those websites. When I have time, I just sit back and relax while watching. It's pretty cool.
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@fec139 (803)
• United States
20 Jan 08
I have a chronic illness and I am wheelchair-bound, which makes it difficult to go to the movies sometimes. Furthermore, my finances are shot due to my illness, and it is so much cheaper for me to watch a movie on the computer. I can get snacks right from my own refrigerator and not pay an arm and a leg at the moviehouse.
• Netherlands
20 Jan 08
i do wath the movies on my pc aswell, its the best way to watch movies because a ticket for the cinema here cost between 9 and 14 euro a piece so i first watch them on the pc and when they are good i go a second time to the cinema ;-)
• Philippines
20 Jan 08
I do watch videos and movies almost everyday in the internet. It's quite slow though but it's cool. Your updated with the recent and upcoming movies. But I prefer watching DVD's and go into the big screen - there's more thrill than watching in my computer (maybe my pc sound system needs improvement, hehe).
@chunter (1761)
• Singapore
20 Jan 08
Watching movies on the Internet via streaming is not illegal.....As long as you don't keep the copy of the movie in your PC... But its not always easy to find such sites
@Zhanec (1652)
• Malaysia
20 Jan 08
does youtube count ? as long as its not illegal download,i think watching movie through internet is a good idea.