Lazy Dogs??

@pree70 (525)
January 20, 2008 10:29am CST
My sister and I just adore dogs and go crazy over them. We have a dog at home, a cross breed called Snowy. It has got this lovely brown eyes with a sad expression to add with it, and we just can't help pampering it... These days my sister is at London with her husband. It seems a show on dog trainig (caeser milan show) is being aired on tv there, and it is really something to watch! The person is a dog trainer, and trains even the most disobedient dog within no time. Recently, the show featured a dog which was so lazy that it wouldn't even bother get up from where it was. No amount of cajoling or prompting from it's owner would bring out any result. It just wouldn't budge from it's position, and the lady used to carry it to it's bed, to it's food, etc. It seems with the guidance from this dog trainer, things got a lot better, and i guess it started behaving more like a dog! I think he recomended regular walks and runs... Guess, the term 'A dog's life' isn't really that bad, when you have an owner like that...
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@Seraphine (385)
• Finland
20 Jan 08
Sounds to me like the dog wanted life easy and knew the owner would give in and carry him everywhere he wanted. No point in moving around much then. Are you aware cesar milan has no formal training on dog behaviour and training whatsoever? He can talk and attracts viewers because of that but his methods are based on outdated facts that have since been scientifically proven wrong. If you want to watch dog shows, watch It's me or the dog with Victoria Stilwell. That would teach you a lot more than Cesar Milan that preaches dominance over completely normal dog behaviour that have nothing to do with dominance whatsoever.
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@pree70 (525)
• India
21 Jan 08
hi Seraphine, I guess you are right about the dog. It saw a very good opportunity and made use of it.. I haven't seen any caeser milan shows myself, i was just putting across what my sister said. I will indeed pass on your information to her. i don't think she is aware of the victoria stilwell show. thanks for the info.