Who do you prefer most, your college friends or your high school friends?

January 20, 2008 10:49am CST
Before i graduated college, i used to prefer my high school friends, but after college i soon realized that both high school and college friends means a lot to me and i prefer both. What about you? Tell me and why.
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@bobet17 (158)
• Philippines
27 Feb 08
I will choose my high school friends,because of the unending fun until now,when I was in college I dont have a lot of friends or any close friend,and any memories that I can't forget,I always alone that time.That is why I used to prefer my high school friends.
@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
22 Jan 08
hi arc! well to answer your question, none of the above. i never did like both levels. i dunno, i did have good friends there, but after school was over, i lost all of them. i dunno why, i dunno if i didn't spend more time with them, anyway, i don't miss them now, not ever i guess...i have new friends now. friends in church, friend who have a deeper significance than just the fun. take care always and God bless!:-)
• India
21 Jan 08
Hi Arc041506, Friends are friends to me, either they are school friends or college friends. But I am in touch with those friends whom I liked very much. There are 3 from school and 1 from college. Good Luck.
• Philippines
20 Jan 08
I would say high school friends because back in high school we were only about 50 at two different sections - so the bonding that was formed was tight. Unlike when I got college, there are a lot of students. But I have a bunch of good friends in college though.
• Pakistan
20 Jan 08
it varies when i was in school i prefer my school friends than my college and my university friends. this can be different in different era
• Philippines
20 Jan 08
I have 3 friends from college with whom I keep in touch until now even if we are busy with our respective work. However, one of them, I had also known since grade school. Yes, we have been friends since we we're kids. I have another friend in high school (my best friend), with whom I also see every now and then.