your Most Improved Player fo this season

January 21, 2008 4:48am CST
There are lots of NBA players who is having a buzz in the league. One is Chris Kaman. With the injury of Clippers star Elton Brand, Ka(ve)man's role is highly being criticized at first in giving mediocre numbers. But he stunned all critics by playing no. 1 option in Clippers offense, giving (as of Jan 21, '07) 17.4 ppg in 47% field goal shooting, 13.8 rpg, and an amazing 3.1 blocks per game. Another notable player eligible for this award is Dwight Howard, who is a monster right now in the league. Averaging 22.1 points, 15.2 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks per game. shooting at 56.1% FG. But i think he can be vying more for an MVP award in this kind of stat. Rudy Gay, a Memphis Grizzlies forward is currently averaging 19.3 points, 5.8 rebounds, and a steal per game shooting at 46%, 37% from the 3 point range, and 76% from the charity stripe. This three tops my most improved player list, I just hope that one of them would win the title. Who do you think should win the Most Improved player award?
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