Downloading music - DRM

@DJ9020 (1596)
United States
January 21, 2008 6:22am CST
I'm reading about the new ability to download music that is 'DRM' free. What, exactly, does that mean? Don't you still pay for the music you download? How is this different from iTunes?
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@Arkadus (899)
• Canada
21 Jan 08
The DRM thing is what limits you to what things you can play it on, whether or not you can burn it, what programs the file will open in... sometimes even how many times you can listen to the song. So unlike what comes from itunes you're allowed to do pretty much whatever you want with it. DRM stands for digital rights management...
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@DJ9020 (1596)
• United States
22 Jan 08
Thanks for the explanation. I know that sometimes my daughter downloads stuff from iTunes, and then I think, hey, I like that too, but I can't burn it to a CD. Some I can and some I can't, so I guess that's why. Or maybe I'm just old!