What do you remember from your first date?

January 21, 2008 7:47am CST
Every one has had a first date in his life.The time has passed getting ready for this date in front of the mirror.The problem was how I'll look in the eyes of my date? There to many thing to remember. What is the first thing you remember of it? Where did you go? Was it pleasant as you thought about it? Were you satisfied with your date?
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@FireHorse (294)
• United States
21 Jan 08
What I remember of my first date was spending (what at that time was ... ) alot of money on two concert tickets, looking forward to it for weeks, then listening to this girl drone on and on about her boyfriend causing her grief (and she wasn't wasn't talking about me). I don't mind someone venting problems to me, I even tend toward encouraging it occassionally, but first impressions are lasting ones. Even after 25 years, I STILL don't want anything to do with that girl! Ladies, if you're going to trash men you might at least want to wait until the second date and not make that the focus of the entire evening.
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22 Jan 08
I'm think the same as you. In the second date or you don't get a date with a boy you don't think is ok for you.thanks for response
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