Are your cats being over weight?

@yuriii (151)
Hong Kong
January 21, 2008 8:16am CST
Last time when I go to buy the food for my cat,the salesgirl asked me can I feel my cat's ribs when I touch it.And I said "NO."Then she suggested me to buy the food in low Protein and low fat.But when I take it to my cat, my cat refuse to eat.I can see that my cat is very unhappy with his food. Can anyone tell me is there any other method to help my cat to keep fit?
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@lightningd (1041)
• United States
21 Jan 08
I have had cats my entire life, and basically, when one would get overweight, I would cut back on their food. Limit them to the recommended daily amount. Talk to your vet, maybe they can tell you if in fact your cat is overweight. I worry this time of year, especially in the part of the country where I live when people start worrying over the weight of their pets. Animals have a natural body clock that tells them in winter they need to increase their body fat to help insulate them from the cold. They will increase the amount of food they eat to help build up this storage in their body. This is particularly important in areas where you have extremely frigid temperatures. Obviously your cat doesn't care for this new food. I'm not sure I would take the recommendation of a sales girl regarding feeding my pets. I always run any changes by my vet. If my vet thinks there is a problem with weight, she generally lets me know. I have a dog that weighs nearly 100 lbs. He slims down alot in the summer, but come fall, he starts to put on the pounds. I was somewhat concerned this fall, as he seemed to put on more weight than usual. Now, we're having one of the coldest winters I can remember in 25 years of living in this part of the country. (I grew up in Southern California, and now live in Northeast Kansas.) I understand why the dog put on more weight. He's an outside dog, and mother nature somehow was able to let him know it was going to be a cold one. When it's super cold at nite, we let the outside dogs in to sleep in the basement, but they still need that insulation during the day. As I said, talk to your vet, ask them if they think the cat is overweight, and how they think would be the best way to manage it if they are. Sudden changes in diet (the food they are used to eating) can cause intestinal upset as well.
• Singapore
23 Jan 08
I agree. Sudden change in the diet can upset the animal. Best to consult a vet, or a professional.
@yuriii (151)
• Hong Kong
24 Jan 08
Isee.I have a long time didn't take my cat to see the vet,and I think it's the time I need to get some advise from him.=] Actually ,I stopped try to change in diet, because I don't want to have a sad cat.
@RuneAmok (13)
• United States
29 Jan 08
That salesperson should be fired. That is lousy advice and thank goodness your cat didn't take it. I can't paste in the weight loss info for my blog, but if you go here you'll see it. It has tons of info and good advice.\blog-ytgwjli5er8iwp.paz_7jtvgf_5d?p=51