Illegal shops and eateries in big cities

@subathra (3519)
January 21, 2008 9:55am CST
Tea shops by the side of the roads, eaters on pavements which are meant for pedestrians to walk, are being run business without getting proper licence.It is a duty of municipality officers to check if this shops and eateries have been issued valid license. The law makers themselves come to these shops and eat free of charge. It is very much cheaper to eat in these places instead of entering hotels. So people rush to these places to have food. They are not worried whether these food items hygienically prepared. These shops prepare food at their homes and bring them to the roads on small carts. Mainly no proper drinking is water available. Yet for all without thinking of their health just invade this spots as because they get cheaper item. The health inspectors attached to Municipal Corporation inspects hotels and fine if they find not quality food and uncleaned places. It is the duty of these health inspectors to check up this pavement hotel and make sure they vacate. Will they do??????
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@cupid74 (11394)
• Pakistan
22 Jan 08
Dear Subathra this is not that they are not aware of all these things but its cost effective honestly tell me a guy have 6000-7000 salary, how can he afford expensive food when they have family/responsiblity so its responsibilty of health inspectors in muncipilty to check such vendors but honestly and give them advise to make it properly insted of shutting them down byee
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
22 Jan 08
The corrupt civic personnel and highly corrupt police personnel are solely responsible for allowing roadside eateries and vegetable vendors on the footpath. If a court orders, then these people get suspended. Some vendors have authentic information that the money thus collected from vendors reaches the Commissioners of police!! Adding fuel to fire, the political parties also support the vendors because they anticipate votes from these people. I have decided not to entertain the foothpath eateries and vegetable and fruit vendors. who visit us on pushcart.