It can happen to the younger kids

United States
January 21, 2008 2:48pm CST
Crazy as it sounds it can happen to your child too. My son was diagnosed FINALLY when he was only 10 yrs old. The doctors could not understand how it could happen to a child this young and needless to say were baffled at the experience. For this mom, it was a rollercoaster of a ride. Since he was a baby, he had all sorts of stomach problems. I was told to change what he was drinking, it is just know the usual lines you get at the doctor's office. It was about 8 months before he had the attack that we were in the doctor's office because of his severe cases of diarrhea and stomach aches. The doctor performed xrays and found nothing. Final diagnosis--I was over hydrating my child causing all the problems. I was told that I have to limit his drinking to so many ounces in a day, that was the turning point. He started complaining of back aches and head aches. November of 2006, he was admitted to the hospital for painful stomach cramps and severe back pain. After a few hours of testing the doctor came in and said he would have to be sent via LIFE FLIGHT (air meds) to a larger city in our state for further testing. My son's kidney were starting to shut down and they wanted him to be tested for lymphoma. My heart sank, anyone knows that is cancer and it is not good if it is in the pancreas. Once he was tested in the children's hospital they had discovered my son's gallbladder and just shut down and was taking everything else with it. One year ago he had his gallbladder out and we have been hospital free since. The doctors said the pancrentitus can flare up at any time if he does not take care of himself and we have had to deal with a couple of flare ups since the surgery. He is a healthy 11 yr old that will forever have to watch what he eats and monitor fluid intake to make sure he is not hospitalized for a flare up with the pancreas. GALL BLADDER disease can happen to the youngest of children, he is living proof that it can happen with anyone. If you think there is something more wrong with your child have the doctors investigate further, it is worth it in the long run
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