Stupid Local TV Ads.

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January 22, 2008 5:34am CST
Where I live (Savannah) I am constantly amazed and irritated at the stupidity of a few of our local TV ads. We have one guy who is advertising home exteriors he gives basic arithmitic lessons on the 2 times table. He is trying to sell window at 50% price. He spends ages telling you if you buy 10 windows you get 5 free, 6 get 3 free etc. etc. To emphasis his great deal his voice jumps to a screech while the rest is spoken in a monotone. For six or more months he has been making this offer to the first 10 callers. So to me he is letting us know he cannot even get one person to take him up on his offer. Bad ad for his business? At first this amazing offer was only available during this Monday newscasts...that was bad enough then it escalated to all damn day, every day. So I quit watching that TV station now he is on every bleeding station in the area..grrr. There there is another idiot middle aged man in some kind of superman suit who get right into the face of the sales person at his check cashing store, makes an idiotic face and screams " you don't know who you're dealing with". Well I know for sure it I will never deal with him. Are these people so desperate to get their faces on TV that they will pay a lot of money just to let people know how lousy they are making their businesses look? Do you have any local ads that drive you crazy?
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@raydene (9875)
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22 Jan 08
Saying only 10 is to cause I better call right now because if I'm #11 I loose out...If he wasn't making money he would nnot continue to by expensive air time.. I can not think of any that bother me. I do have alot that I really like. lol oxxoxox
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22 Jan 08
I'm not sure that he seels anything I think he just wants his 15 mins of fame.
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