EVP - Are You in Control or Is it Controlling You?

@cmw4562 (240)
United States
January 22, 2008 11:58am CST
EVP - the capability of being able to digitally record sounds and voices from the other side. If you do a search on "EVP recordings", there are many sites where you can listen to recordings that individuals have uploaded. Very interesting. Perhaps you yourself are involved in EVP. Maybe you know someone who works with EVP. Sometimes people who work with EVP become so wrapped up in obtaining recordings, that EVP is their whole life, their whole focus and nothing else matters. They don't see their friends anymore and just stay at home, recording. And actually this issue has been addressed that if one keeps maintaining the EVP process, the dead are not moving on and the living are not living as they should. EVP is very interesting but I would never allow it to consume my life.
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