When one knows of a cure to suffering why does one always ask for money????

January 22, 2008 10:28pm CST
I have been reading the internet and it pains me to read that there is a cure for insomia or depression or some disease which is without medication. However it is always money which talks at the end of it. I find it disgusting. If one can help their fellow human beings to be happier and more cheerful or healthier, one should do it without any thoughts of returns. I definitely would do it. Just the thought of having so many people happier and all the blessings I would get, would make me jump with joy. Why does money have to come into the picture everytime, even in issues of wellbeing. I would do whatever in my power to do what little good I could without expecting monetary gains. Its a monetary world - even where simple techniques are required, money comes first. So sad.
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