are there any sites that pay good on the internet?

other paid sites - need more info if other paid sites pay good
January 23, 2008 12:20am CST
i'm starting to like mylot but is there any other paid sites you recommend that i can probably get started to use? some of my friends referred me about narple, yuwie, and others - how about yourselves? have you got paid from them? are they truthfu? thanx in advance
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• India
23 Jan 08
hey i am interested in a low payout that i can get my money in a single day..however smal it may u know any site for that??
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23 Jan 08
hi bro how can i earn money through mylot is ti true that we can earn money by mylot pls explain how can i do it bro thank u
@ssh123 (31103)
• India
23 Jan 08
There are a dozen good sites which really pays, but it is not very high payment. You have to contribute your labour to earn money. If it i interests you, you can send a pm to me so hat I can send them over to me. I cannot display the urls here. Please note that it is not a gimmick, and also you need not become member with my urls.
• Jamaica
26 Oct 08
thats good
@Talal159 (147)
• Oman
21 Jun 08
be carefull some of sites are not real. any way you have a nice photo
• Brazil
13 May 08
I have a blog with some informations about the sites that pays me a good profit every month. Take a look
@BYOLA2871 (4373)
• South Africa
12 Apr 08
yes there are quite a number of some other sites but i must tell you that when it comes to promptness there is still none i find that matches mylot for now you can send me a pm and i will give you some lists that i think you can also try
@mscaty (29)
• United States
29 Feb 08
i am on several sites that pay if you would like the links to them just email me at and i will send them to you or anyone who wants them. put paid sites in the subject line.
@joodzki6 (596)
• Philippines
24 Jan 08
yes, there are lots of sites that really pays, but ofcourse not that big me to this address then i'll send invitations on where i'm a member at the moment. here's my email:
• Canada
24 Jan 08
Yes there are, I just wrote about one in a discussions a few minutes ago. Check it out and if your interested you can write me for the link. YOu will be flooded with requests to join sites. You will indeed. I still consider myself new to all this even though it as been months now that I started. If you are looking for a free site to join and make a few bucks stay aways from sites that pay you something like this, 00001 or even 00010. It will wear you out and you will have made next to nothing at the end of a couple of months. I had many sites now I have 5 because I just will not waste my time. Now mind you there are other ways to make more serious money. I just don't do it as I am not a business minded person. If you are willing to invest some money to get started there are programs and sites overflowing so be careful and pick carefully if that is the route you choose. All the best!
@katkah (235)
• United States
24 Jan 08
Check out my site to find ways to make money online. Yes they do pay & I use them. for a more spacific run down on how I make my money online also visit
@megumiart (3781)
• United States
23 Jan 08
Check out the blog link on my profile. I have a bunch of links to free & easy websites that really pay.
• Canada
23 Jan 08
Check out my profile for links to sites that actually pay and have been around for years already. I only really trust the older programs and not all these new ones that are built on the same scripts you can buy anywhere. I hope they help you out. Since my posts with links get deleted... i hate that part of theis site!!