Bus falls into a valley 80 ft. deep. Many children rendered orphans.

January 23, 2008 12:46am CST
A bus lost control whilst taking a turn on a mountain road falling 80 feet down the valley. The impact was so great that it broke into two. A lot of people died, mostly parents while children suffered from deep fractures and wounds. Most of the children survived but are rendered orphans. Why God has to do this I cant understand. In my country, now with no one to take care of them, if reletives dont come forward, they will be put in childrens homes which are not good. A two year old was just bruised but had to identify her brothers who are severely injured and her dead parents. She has gone in shock, and does not cry or eat. She just has become very quiet. Its a shame, and it pains me no end, with all these little kids orphaned all at once. What was supposed to be a spiritual trip turned out to be the worst for these little ones. We can only pray for these little souls.
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@bunmi2501 (467)
• Nigeria
23 Jan 08
You need not blame God, it wasnt God that caused the accident, probably the driver was not too careful while making the turn, you wouldnt blame God for that. Most things that happen to us are our own doing, we are the product of our decisions. I pray that God will grant comfort to the families involved and for the kids, God will grant them favour.
• Brazil
27 Jan 08
God is not cruel. God is God of love. Everything that comes Him is good. Bad Things happen because we are here in the world and hoping Jesus. Accidents can happen to anyone.. But a good way to increase the chances of living in peace and health is approaching of God. The biblie says :God is our shield( for protection)and sword( to fight). Fighting against the bed things that the evil that is ( for now) here on Earth tries to attack us.
@luanakent (795)
• Brazil
27 Jan 08
This is a very sad fact.. God is God who does Justice to the oppressed..You have faith!!
@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
26 Jan 08
While I do not agree with your blaming, I have joined you in praying and hoping for the best for their children and the families of the victims. I can't fully imagine the effect of it all, and I know it may take years to heal the pain of the losses (or never... sad but its possible...). Still, I want the best for the victims family, solace and peace to them.
• China
23 Jan 08
it's miserable and painful .trully it's not God's fault.it warn us to be careful when driving and avoid such an accident.life is precious.