To love, to hate, to pursue

@magica (3710)
January 23, 2008 4:59am CST
I am in schock! I see a man who met a woman in Internet forum like this. When they meet each other -she refuses to have with him something more then a normal friendship. And prefers his friend. He is emotionally and psychically instable person. And began to pursue her aggressively.He uses all methods: shantages, begging, posting compromats about her...and all this he calls: LOVE. Just wonder: how you, people, definite this? Can the love be a violance? And can somebody be made to love with methods like theese? Can the patience be defined like non-stop pursuing the aim? we all aware how dangerous can be Internet sometimes:(
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23 Jan 08
there is a very, VERY thin line between sane and insanity. It takes a very major blow for a human being to "snap" and cross over that line. Then Love turns into hate. The internet as any other place is as dangerous, yet the concealment and excitment makes it more dangerous. That girl must have done something to him for that man to snap. be very very careful of th people u meet over the internet. it has happend to me too..u just cant trust anyone until u get to know that person very very WELL.
@magica (3710)
• Bulgaria
23 Jan 08
Is there any protection against the system psychological terror?:( She is honest. She doesnt give him false hopes. She directly says: "PLEASE, stop to pursue me". To use the freedom of Internet as weapon...because here it`s very difficult, almost impossible to prove any fault and to be adequately protected by maniacs. So many people try to react, to tell to this person that it`s better to leave her and to find another way of solving his emotional disbalance... And i just think how much of us, most young, naive or just very lonely people try to find some love online...
25 Jan 08
it's very easy to label a man "insane" to cover our own faults and lies. a person cannot be shot or hanged without a fair trial. that's how i see it. you listened to your friend's side of the story, you MUST listen to her stalker's plea as well, then a fair judgment can be made. to find love online has become as easy to find love in a bar. much easier as i said in my first reply. and i stress the word "love" not flirtation. beware, there are no rules of protection on the internet. once ur there, make SURE u dont give someone the weapons to use against you. Im sorry for your friend. but it seems she has put herself in a deep hole. if this man is chasing her in REAL LIFE then, the authorities must be notified. Again, she must have done something to him to make him act like that. there is no smoke without a fire, my dear.