celphone versus Bible

January 23, 2008 5:37am CST
Why the Cellphone are easy to carry than a BIBLE?
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@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
23 Jan 08
Pretty obvious randz08, while a good, moral and God fearing man will almost always carry a Bible on one hand and a cellphone on the other, a thief, a robber, an adulterer, a fornicator, a murderer and all kinds of evil men will rather prefer to carry only the cellphone, why because the cellphone facilitates the evil intentions-take the case of adultery, while the bible will say thou shall not commit adultery, with the mobile cellphone, this evil man will just send a quiet text message to a married woman to find him in th back yard-she will afford to even leave her husband at table and go on a flimsy excuse, yet to have a quick adulterous stint with the evil man who would be standing out there with his cellphone in his pocket!!See what mean randz08? That is just a one sin case scenario that cellphones abet!
@danzer (2732)
• Philippines
23 Jan 08
One of the reasons is that we love the cellphone than the Bible. Or we love the the creature more than the creator!!