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January 23, 2008 8:46am CST
Who do you think will be on top of the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference come time to playoffs? Do you think it will stay the Spurs and the Celtics? I'm not asking who's going to the finals, I just mean, as the season comes to an end and they're going into the post, who do you think will be on top. If you want you can even state the entire 8 playoff spot for both conferences if you want.
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24 Jan 08
Well right now in the NBA I think it is very lopsided. The Eastern Conference is a lot weaker than the Western Conference. Here is what I think it would be... Eastern Conference: 1. Boston Celtics 2. Cleveland 3. Washington Wizards (they are in 4th place right now in the eastern conference, but they don't have Gilbert Arenas back yet.) 4. Detroit 5. Orlando Western Conference: 1. Phoenix 2. Dallas 3. New Orleans 4. San Antonio 5. Houston
@meemingNEW (2228)
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24 Jan 08
I think its definitely a sure spot for the Boston Celtics to be the top seed in the Eastern Conference even after losing to the Raptors at home a few hours ago. Their record is currently 33-7. I guess they'll be going for 60 instead of 70 wins now. I'm still guessing who will be on the top in the West. There are really lots of good teams and contenders in the West that can surely make a run by the second half of the season after the all-star break. My guesses are the Phoenix Suns which are firing up the cylinder, not to forget mentioning Leandro Barbosa who i constantly improving on his game. Next, San Antonio Spurs.. They're the defending champs and they also have their Big 3. No doubt about it that its either they get 1-2-3rd spot in the West. Last team is either New Orleans Hornets or L.A Lakers (hopefully Kobe wins MVP) :) -best of luck to your team-