do any of you know? my baby ran away!

@aretha (2538)
United States
January 23, 2008 9:40am CST
I have been waiting to get on here for over a month now to ask this. As some of you might know we had a husky givin to us a year ago. I had a hard time getting attached to her just because i was afraid after my hubby got out of the army and we moved home i would have to give her up if we didn't find a place. After a bit i just couldn't help it and she was my baby. Well we took her to the vet the week before we left Oklahoma to have all her shots and a chip put in her. the day after we had all this done we put her in our back yard and took our son to school. like we always did. when we got home i went to let her in and she was gone. We looked all we for her and could not find her we called every place we could think of but nothing. we had stopped and asked a lady walking if she might have seen her she said no but said if she was found and takin to the pound they would ship her from kennal to kennal until she got here to where we are. is this true would they do this? we have a freind that lived next to us and i was going to email him to see if he had seen her and where. if he had i would call animal control there to get her. but i don't want to know if i can't get her back. so do you know if this is true will they ship her until she gets close enough for us to get her?
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